My Month Of Radiancy! Job17:11

Are you not God?
How many times have you told us one thing and realized?
How many favors have you released in our assembly and we haven’t seen them?
How much deliverance you have operated among us?
How many times have you released restoration and life, we haven’t received them?
You are faithful and merciful.
But how many times have we celebrated you?
How many times have we made a resolution and kept it to your credit?
How many times have we cheered you on even when the trials have come?
Yet your promises are great and numerous, your mercies are not exhausted, nor your mercies at their end.
Why do we doubt you, Lord?
Why can’t we trust you fully?
Why do our eyes keep searching for what exists only in you?
The Lord says he will bring the captives of Israel back to their land,
He declares us rest and tranquility, he heals our wounds and heals our wounds, he gives us back the rain.
What have we done to deserve the love of God?
What did we say to enjoy its benefits?
Let us not harden our hearts and cry out for joy to the Lord,
Let us not enclose our thoughts and our hands in impurities and let the Father touch us and impact us.
Psalms 37: 6 – He will show your righteousness like the light, and your righteousness like the sun at its noonday.
Celebrate the Lord for his promise of radiation.
It is no use to us to do evil and to envy those who are successful according to the world, we do not need to imitate them, let go of all forms of temptation and let the Lord rule our lives, honor him.
In due time, he will give us back our rights, he will shine our light and we will be proclaimed.
So let’s worship the Lord,
Adoration of the king of kings,
Let us lift up his holy name,
Let’s cry out for joy.
Because he brought us out of darkness.
We are free to shine now.
Hello people of God
Have a good day

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