My Month Of Radiancy! Job17:11

What is the shameful thing in our lives?
What humiliates us every time?
What is this bad smell that rejects our opportunities?
We all have imperfections but we don’t like to show them, we like to cover them up because the flesh likes to be appreciated.
Everyone has something that devalues ‚Äč‚Äčthem and prevents them from moving forward.
We don’t always have the courage to talk about it and the strength to part with it.
What makes us ashamed is dirty, unpleasant, secret.
What shames us keeps us in the dark.
What shames us is not revealed.
And we have to part with it if we want to move to the other side, if we don’t want some part of our lives affected.
If we abide in the word of God, if we develop a relationship with God, we will be in the light.
Luke 11:36 – If therefore your whole body is lighted, having no part in the darkness, it will be entirely lighted, as when the lamp shines on you with its light.
Pray for the strength to get rid of the shameful part of your life.
It is by keeping the word of God in the first place, by allowing it to instruct and correct us, that our light will shine to illuminate this world filled with darkness and despair.
Darkness does not exist where there is light, we are light when our body is filled with light, when the light of God comes to invade our hearts.
The light of God can illuminate the life of anyone who wants to respond to his call.
Sin blinds man and prevents him from seeing the spiritual.
If we come to Jesus, he will open our eyes.
He is the light that can illuminate all the dark parts of our being.
Let us pray that the Lord will open our eyes so that we can see the riches of his glory.
Hello to us
Have a good day

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