My Month Of Radiancy! Job17:11

For a long time, we remained slaves in Egypt, we struggled, we were mistreated, dominated, crushed.
We cried, we enriched other nations, we developed other lands.
We were the shadow of ourselves.
We were in darkness.
With all of our potentials, with all of our gifts and talents, we have languished in the dark, not knowing how to get out of it.
We ended up accepting that this position was normal and one day we begged for help from God, we understood that we must know the truth, that the light must enter our homes.
Darkness is confusion, pride, self-sufficiency, it is poverty, weakness, it is despair, bitterness …
When we are in darkness, it only takes a little flame to take away the doubt, the fear, to indicate the direction, to allow us to move forward.
This light is Jesus Christ, it is the source.
It chases away the darkness, it makes visible, exposes what is hidden.
To receive the light is to open your heart, it is to let go, it is to give up your ego, your desires and your attachments.
The light is available to everyone, but it cannot enter all hearts without the will.
In John, 1: 5 – The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not received it.
Pray to always follow with hastiness the light of God.
Our light comes from the Lord who makes it shine in us.
Darkness cannot dominate it, nor influence it, it lives in us.
Let the word of God transform and strengthen us, let us not be stray sheep who do not recognize the voice of their Shepherd, do not extinguish the lamp that shines in us in order to draw many into the kingdom of God from there our testimony.
Hello to us
Good day

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