My Month Of Attraction! Pr18:21

We are all called to serve, love, and minister by sharing the gospel with people who are not in the faith.
Many of us are afraid to reveal our identities, we lack the courage to confront a thought system, we refuse to be rejected by providing clarification to those who misunderstand, correcting false information or defending it. church of Jesus.
The truth is, the attacks on the church are fierce, but it is up to us to take a stand and break down some blockages.
The Bible says in Romans, 1:16 – For I am not ashamed of the gospel: it is a power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes, first of the Jew, then of the Greek,
Be passionate by the gospel of Christ.
When we are ashamed of something, it’s fishy, ​​it’s ugly, we don’t want the world to know it’s so ugly, it’s unhealthy.
Shame comes from a feeling of inferiority, from guilt …
But this morning’s Bible passage challenges us not to be afraid for a good deed, to speak out or to bear witness to our faith.
Paul invites us to share the gospel with every human being without hiding anything.
On many occasions we have been stopped in our drive to share the good news because the circumstances were not favorable or because we no longer know how to say what to say, or because our knowledge cannot compete. with theories of the world.
The world is lost, it rejects the Lord but the Eternal wants the redemption of everyone, the salvation of humanity.
The Jew is believers and the Greeks are pagans.
But today, we are all on an equal footing to be saved, the gospel is addressed to any nation, any people, any language.
Jesus Christ by dying on the cross paid the price for us, he took our defense, he did not want sin to keep us slaves, he was not disgusted by our abominations so it is our turn to defend the good new, it is up to us to minister to reconciliation and to celebrate the power of God.
Hello to us
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