My Month Of Attraction! Pr18:21

How many times have we failed to praise, Lord?
How many times have you delayed telling yourself, Father?
How many times have we forgotten to give thanksgiving, Yaweh?
How many times have you failed to shout for joy to get excited, daddy?
Help us to leave the distraction,
Help us to disconnect from bad supports,
Help us get rid of the old clothes.
We want to become aware of your loyalty,
We wish to adhere to your love,
We want to line up behind your commandments.
We do not know how to give acclamations to the Lord, we do not know how to give praise and worship.
We do it when everything is in our favor, we do it when our interests are safe, when we have an obligation to make noise no matter what our hardships.
Even if the earth crumbles,
Even though the storm is ravaging all around us,
Even if the sea sags and takes everything from us,
Praise the Lord,
Nothing should condition our intimacy with our God,
Nothing should separate us from the fullness of the Holy Spirit.
The word of God tells us that God sits in the midst of praise, he is happy when we are humble, he answers us when we recognize that he is our all in all.
Psalms, 34: 2 – I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise will always be in my mouth.
Pray to praise the Lord always!
* At all times * means that even if our skies are closed or open, we will be worshipers.
It also means that even if failure, handicap, disease, lack or peace, happiness, smile are upon us, praise will come out of our mouths.
No matter what we go through, we encourage ourselves to praise God.
We don’t praise God only when things are going well, David praised God even though he was going through the opposite of what he expected.
Have we paid for the air we breathe?
How much does the renewal of our intelligence by God cost?
Instead of complaining for a yes or a no, let’s look at our Lord’s blessings to us and how much our God says to be and honored,
Let us see how the Lord is to be praised and proclaim like David: we will bless the Lord at all times; His praise will always be in our mouths.
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