My Month Of Illumination! Dan2:22

Romans, 8:19 – Therefore the creation eagerly awaits the revelation of the sons of God.
Pray to become essential in your milieu
Do we even understand what this verse means?
Can we imagine who we are as we read this passage?
Can we guess the level of our importance?
Who is the son of God?
It is the real us, it is the children of the promise, the children of the covenant, it is those who bear the blessing, those who bear the nature and character of God.
Do we even see our spiritual status?
We have the power to keep a whole world’s status quo,
all creation is on hold,
The whole earth is excited because it will be transformed, changed, influenced, touched by our inspiration, it recognizes that it depends on our degree of impact.
The revelation we are talking about here is not the doctrinal knowledge, it is the connection with Jesus, it is the word of God, it is the love between the bridegroom and the bride.
Do we think that creation does not know what it is doing?
Why is she waiting if she feels like she’s wasting her time?
She knows and she knows that we are the heirs of the kingdom,
she is aware that we are the ambassadors of heaven, she recognizes that the angels work to serve us and are deployed to satisfy us,
it accepts that our environment is controlled by us and that our environment is subject to our faith.
The world longs for our heritage.
Israel cried to the Lord, he saw their sorrows and he raised up Moses as the rank of God for the deliverance of his people.
When we are ready to follow the Lord, to strip ourselves of our idols, to abandon our evil ways to return to God, he raises up a man to lead us in our destinies.
We were born to worship the Lord, we are here to bring our help, our help to all those who are in need.
How many leave the earth without having revealed themselves to the world?
How many people do miss their calls?
Let’s be positioned, let’s be sons,
let us be mature otherwise we will suffer, we will subsist instead of reigning, manifesting and influencing.
Hello beloved
Good day

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