My Month Of Illumination! Dan2:22

If you have decided, Lord, to give Israel a new land, it is because you are aware that not all lands are places of blessings.
If you took the trouble to drive Israel away from Egypt yourself, it is because you knew that the journey would be difficult but that the destination would be glorious.
If you have, Lord raised up a leader to speak for you, it means that a people need an authorized voice, an anointed mouth to teach them spiritual principles.
Lord, you have chosen a nation,
You made Israel your own,
You took Levi and dedicated him to your service in the temple, he was your part.
There is no chance with you, Lord.
Everything you do is good and this morning we want to raise our voices to say thank you for our nation.
We thank you because it is you who installed us in this place,
We salute your love and commitment to our country.
You yourself said that any place where our feet will tread, you give it to us for possession.
Cameroon is for us, it is a country with open locks, with fertile soil, with resources, wealth …
Only, we are not sufficiently equipped to exploit our treasures, we are not well enlightened to enjoy our blessings.
We have let sleep and laziness bring poverty to our midst.
We let others make the decisions for us, we gave up our responsibilities in the hands of outsiders and today they dominate us, we are slaves in our territory.
Father, have mercy.
Bitterness, lusts, cravings control us.
Iniquity is our platform and we believe we could have been born somewhere else to be happy.
This is not true, we are just given over to sin, we are in darkness, we refuse to accept and follow Jesus, we do not want him to be our Father, that he educates us and that he us help us perfect.
With our voice, we beseech you, Lord, to intervene for us.
We invite you to walk in front of us to accompany us in our struggles and in our challenges.
Change our hearts
Touch our lives,
Restore our torn souls,
Free the oppressed …
And glorify your name.
Remember Cameroon,
Remember her cries and tears,
Remember, Yaweh and come to our aid.
Psalms, 98: 2 – The LORD hath made manifest his salvation; he hath revealed his righteousness in the sight of the nations.
Pray for the nation Cameroon.
Imagine a country saturated with the light and truth of God, we will all learn to worship the true God.
Cameroon would be transformed, it will renounce wars and tribal conflicts, it will adopt true peace, security and love will be established.
Thank you Lord for this beautiful continent,
Thank you Jesus for all the opportunities and strengths in this land.
We give you all the glory, Father.
Hello people of God
Good day

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