My Month Of Illumination! Dan2:22

Father, you are our comforter.
We are in desolation,
Our hearts are full of questions and the only thing left for us to do is come back and hide in your bosom.
We are so exposed in this world that we can’t even make it home.
We think we can do it on our own, and the distraction makes us believe we are superior.
Lord, teach us to seek you, to know you, to have a relationship with you.
Jesus tells us that his sheep know his voice and follow him, the sheep have an intimacy with the shepherd, they are in the master’s secret, they are children in the presence of their leader, they allow themselves to be guided, they allow themselves to be advised. , they know the difference between human wisdom and divine wisdom, they understood that God reveals the realities of his kingdom to children and not to those who claim to be wise.
Entering the kingdom of heaven requires the simplicity of a child, the heart of a child, the humility of a child.
A child is not tall, he is shrinking.
He does not rise to be a god but he lowers himself so that grace locates him.
Let’s learn to be dependent like children, they know they are small and they have a humility that allows them to fully trust the good care of their parents.
The more we value our relationship with our Father, the more we grasp the mysteries of the kingdom.
Matthew 11:25 – At that time Jesus spoke and said: I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things from the wise and the understanding, and from what you revealed to the children.
Celebrate the Lord for he found you worthy to entrust you secrets.
Jesus has a position of humility and bless the Lord to let himself be known to those who know how to submit and obey.
The Lord only confides his secrets to those who know how to be silent and listen.
So let’s be in God’s will and praise him.
Hello everyone
Good day

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