My Month Of Acceleration! Is58:14

It’s the rainy season, everyone has to carry an umbrella and dress warm.
It’s normal, these are the requirements of this period, it comes with its whims and its freshness and we have to comply with the rules.
There are mango seasons, tomato seasons, peanut seasons and once the season is over we have to wait for the next one.
There are cyclical seasons and there are also seasons that once gone are forever, we can’t go back to them.
As far as we are concerned today, we want to develop the seasons of our lives which are all the same.
We have *the childhood* during which God trains us, teaches us.
It is a season of grace and invests values ​​in us.
We also have *the youth* during which we become aware of the obstacles in our path, we want our independence, we seek solutions to our challenges, the time when we grow in wisdom and stature.
It is a period of investment, of seed.
Finally, there is *old age*, the period of rest, profit and harvest.
This is why it is important for us to know how to manage our time and to discern the times and the seasons.
When a season opens, we have responsibilities in our choices, it is up to us to know what season we are in and to act accordingly.
Let us have discernment, let us not appreciate things according to nature.
Let’s not be carnal, superficial, let’s not be carnal, superficial, let’s be high in the spiritual and see as God sees.
Let’s know that there are conditions attached to an open season, it’s up to us to discern them and to take specific actions, to make clear choices.
Let us become aware to enjoy the fruits of the present season.
The Lord asks us to Pray to recognize and make good use of the seasons of your life.
Proverbs, 27:25 – The hay is brought up, greenery appears, And the herbs of the mountains are gathered.
Hay is the dried food of cattle and we have inherited the hay-like nature from our fathers.
We are dry and lifeless unable to produce good fruit that pleases God.
God wants to remove our evil nature to give us a new one.
The greenery symbolizes the life of Christ who is seated on the throne.
God wants to give us the life that grows on the heights, it is a victorious life.
Let us live in communion with the brothers and sing with joy.
hello to us
Have a good day

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