My Month Of Acceleration! Is58:14

We want to give you all the gratitude, Yaweh.
Our marital situation stresses us too much,
Our state of health keeps us awake all the time,
Unemployment tortures us,
Age passes and we are still tense with an uncertain future,
Each of us goes through a gnawing tribulation, many look jovial by day and others are bitter at night.
Lord, we just want your grace, we want you to surround us with your love.
We don’t know what to do anymore, Jesus.
Accept us in your arms, we are so alone, so sad and we only have you.
In all these shocks, Lord you always intervene and promise us to make things better,
you assure us that you will be with us,
you assure us things will change for the better,
you guarantee us that tomorrow will be better.
This morning, we want to tell you that we trust you.
Joseph in twenty four hours left the prison to be a servant to finally be Pharaoh in a foreign country.
Who can compare to you, dad?
Gideon was behind his father’s herd but in one day, you awakened the hero who slept in him, he left the last place that men gave him to find himself on the king of kings.
We too, we surrender to you, do with you what your plan has planned,
establish our destiny and allow us to recognize your greatness.
Psalms, 92:13 – The just grow like the palm tree, They rise like the cedar of Lebanon.
Celebrate the Lord who grants you speed this Month.
The Lord takes us from the garbage cans to make us occupy rewarding positions.
The father stretches out his hand and releases us from the chains of the prisons in which we were suffocated,
The Eternal himself rewrites our history and gives it a taste.
When we are in the will of God, when we do what God expects, the Lord positions us and puts us on high
To savor the blessing of the season, let us seek God and serve him.
He is faithful.
hello to us
Have a good day

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