My Month Of Acceleration! Is58:14

To go far with the Lord, we must in turn fight to please him.
It is an agreement, we must not believe that it is because the Lord wants to make up for certain things that everything is permitted to us.
Eli was a quality prophet, an example, a spiritual father but with all his stature and his anointing, his biological children believed that they were different and that they were indispensable in the hands of the Lord.
It is important to emphasize that the position of Eli the prophet gave a certain spiritual guarantee to his children so that none of them sought the anointing, nor an intimacy with the Lord.
On the contrary, his children led a life of debauchery, defiled their father’s altar, despised the anointing that flowed from their father’s head.
It had become a veritable place of prostitution.
One thing we need to know, Eli had a weakness, he served and feared God but his family life was not stable, he lacked authority in front of his children who used to do whatever they wanted until to no longer know how to respect the spirituality in which they grew up.
Meanwhile, the Lord needs a prophet, he is aware that Eli’s children are out of the game, their mentality disqualifies them and this is how Samuel enters the scene and walks in the footsteps of the Lord, obeyed his father, does not not be influenced by his brothers.
Samuel is an obedient child and when the Lord reveals to him what he must do to Eli’s family, he remains attached to the Lord.
Samuel could have taken his head off and started rebelling but he stood firm under the grace and cover of his father Eli.
This is the instruction that the Lord wants to give us on this day, we must learn to remain pleasing to the Father regardless of our status.
It is true that our position sometimes distances us from the Lord, our status makes us believe that we can corrupt the body of Christ and give it the form that pleases us, our influence forbids us to prostrate ourselves in the presence of God because we feel superior.
Our greatness shatters the zeal for God in us.
Joseph of Arimathe, a rich man, a disciple of Jesus did not send his servants to take the remains of Jesus, he himself got up to ask for the body of his Lord.
Let us be pleasing to the Lord, he alone can lead us into the spheres of glory.
1 Samuel, 2:26 – Young Samuel continued to grow, and he was pleasing to the Lord and to men.
Pray to remain pleasant unto the Lord, no matter your status.
Samuel had become aware of his life, he knew that one does not sadden the Holy Spirit if not who will defend us, who will intercede for us?
He attached himself to the Lord who gave him the strength to follow in his footsteps and to serve the father whom he had given him his love without criticism and without murmurings.
Let’s be serious with the Lord and he will bless us.
May the light of God shine in each of us.
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