My Month of Worship!Luke4:8

The Bible says that the end of a thing is better than its beginning. It’s the end of November 2017 today, it was our 11th month, the scribble symbolizing the disorganization, the month when everyone is on the alert but as our God has the best program, he said not to look at the symbol, he told us it’s just a number, me God, I planned better for you. This disorganization is not for you, it does not concern you. I suggest you the solution of the month: adoration. During this month honors, praises, acclamations, admiration, glory, respect, privilege, dignity, exclusivity were addressed to the Lord. And so he did what no one can do: * we are alive and well * Even the biggest witchcraftman of our village could not do better. And for that we say to you thank you Lord * We implore you to continue to keep us under your wing, we beseech you for the coming new month, come and make our way, come to talk to us, come to educate us, ┬álead us to green pastures. Thank you Jesus for this mark that you pose on us to identify us, we hold them. Thank you for making December 2017 a better month than November. May this month go away with its conflicts, its losses, its stresses and that the new sun shine our lives. To conclude this month, let us stay in prayer, invite God in our thoughts, our affairs, our families and let his grace do its work. No matter what the world says, let’s look at the Lord, Regardless of the evolution of our environment, let’s look at the Lord. No matter our tears and our challenges, only God is able. In Micah, 7: 7 – For my sake I will look to The LORD, and will put my hope in the God of my salvation; My God will answer me. Fast and pray for December 2017. Hello Celeste neighborhood. May the protection of our Father be our sharing. Have a good day.

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