My Month of Worship!Luke4:8

If there is a sin that distances us from God and God does not forgive, it is the sin against the Holy Spirit.
Mark 3:29 – but whosoever will blaspheme against the Holy Spirit will never obtain forgiveness: he is guilty of an eternal sin.
Avoid speaking irrevently about God.
Blasphemer is making irreflected statements, it’s abusing, profaning, cursing, mocking, insulting …
According to us men, we are unable to evaluate the limit of the words advanced by others, we can not say with exactitude if this sin is unforgivable and that this person is responsible because we can skew on the words but God knows the Heart of each of us and judge with justice.
The word of God is little clearer on this, if we come to this point, we lose faith.
We must therefore pay attention to everything we say especially when events do not suit us.
It’s not a Christian affair or not, saying anything and everything is our strength, we refuse to see the support of Jesus but we are always ready to say how he is not with us, how he does not do not act and we end up for some by saying that it does not exist.
While we have decided to turn away from the abundant light that God has given us and have chosen to live in incredulity, we refuse to listen to what the Holy Spirit tells us, his help, his counsel .
Conclusion: we are blind.
It would be hard for anyone to talk bad about him when he tries to make everything ok, nobody would appreciate being condemned while he works for a better life.
No one even you. the Bible says you have to forgive.
But let us know now that the lack of respect for the Holy Spirit is not to be tolerated.
It’s up to us to tidy up and follow the instructions.
Hello crew
Wonderful week
May our God give us the wisdom we lack.
Have a good day

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