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My Month of Authority!Luke10:19

Exodus 33:18 Moses said, “Show me your glory!”
This is an expression we utter most often in our prayers and in our meetings.
The glory of God is the manifestation of God, the presence of God.
To see the glory of God is to see how holy he is, how wonderful and sovereign he is,
to see the glory of God is to connect with God and flee from sin because sin breaks and divides.
We cry that we want to see the glory of God, are we ready to live this glory?
God is too sure of him, he is too serious for us to dare to play with him.
His glory is not the show, lit’s not a staging, it’s precious, it’s beyond our imagination and that’s why not everyone can experience it.
So to hope for the glory of God, we must learn to cultivate love.
More and more, we live wars, hatreds, divisions in the world, we encourage clans, jealousies and we expect to see the Lord glory,
It does not sit in the middle of such an environment,
We have denature God’s work for our benefit, we spend most of our time criticizing, rebelling, murmuring, polluting our leaders, we do not respect anything, how can we see the glory of God in such conditions?
Let us have respect for God who lives in us, stop carrying our Lord in our weaknesses, our frustrations, our ambitions and let he reign at his ease.
We have forged our own glory on earth, we have put our trust in material things, in our powers, our talents, our beauty, our relations forgetting that it will disappear and it will falter, it is only the reflection of a Provisional glory, we must realize that the glory of God is unique and it is a love story.
You want to see us this beauty is manifested in our lives? Let’s rank them and contemplate his Holy Name.
Let us pray, therefore, that in this year, extraordinary feats, the light of God will be a lamp at our feet.
Pray to see the glory of the Lord in your life, throughout 2018.
Hello family
Good day to us

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