My Month of Benficence!Act20:35

It has happened to us all to make happy or painful encounters.
Sometimes we come across people who disturb us, who exhaust us, who often annihilate us even with words, they communicate no joy of life, no smile, all in them take us back.
On the other hand, there are also people thanks to whom we are standing, edified, exhorted.
Just their presence, gives us a zeal that helps us to surpass ourselves.
What we must understand is that it is important to support oneself, one must be there to comfort others when the need is there.
We assure you that our streets are flooded with people whose life is broken, sad and who just need an ear, a shoulder to confide, they just sometimes need to be given a minute of listening show them that they are important too, that they are told that all is not finished and that the best is yet to come, or when we say that Jesus is the effective medicine for all types of ills.
That’s our role, that’s the role of the church.
The lyrics are strong, they have an imprint that soothes by its softness.
Many have abandoned everything, living in despair, are the shadow of themselves, because they have missed who talk to them, who to encourage them, they did not have the person who was to give them the audacity to persevere .
There is a power in encouragement.
Imagine a little, a world that does not criticize, that does not complain, that does not devalue, that does not judge …
Can we do this experiment?
Can we speak well of our country? of our government?
We are the first to discourage our tourists, to denigrate those who lead us, we speak of our country as if it is that of others, as a country where nothing will ever change, we are the first to throw the stone on our brothers to close the door at the slightest opportunity.
If we do not stand together to stand together instead of fleeing to the West each time, we will do feats.
Let us be of those who cultivate team spirit and love, let us be those who bring others to glory.
And for that, God says in the book of Romans, 15: 2 – Let each one of us please the neighbor for what is well for edification.
Pray to be a source of true encouragement.
Hello home
May the word of God guide us and reframe us.
Have a good day

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