My Month of Evangelism! Mk16:15

In this year that is coming to an end, we have fought to do good deeds and do good to encourage us to mobilize and support Christians facing the challenges of life. It may not seem important to us, but God wants to draw our attention to caring for others. To do good is to help, it is to be generous, it is to love God and his neighbor, it is giving oneself. Jesus was our example, he showed us by his word and his actions what good do. He urges us to reach out, to invest without interest, let’s help beautify someone’s spiritual journey. We should therefore ask ourselves if we contribute to the lives of others, if our actions give more sharing, more solidarity, more respect, more love. It is said in 1 Timothy 6:18 – Commend them to do good, to be rich in good works, to have liberality, generosity, Keep doing good !!! This is our order of the day. It is as if it is the answer to a problem, it is as if it is the solution to an equation, it is as if having for a long time looked for the ways and means to get out of it, we have in the end an issue, We finally came across this advice that marks the end of this ordeal in our lives. It’s simple, if we want to do the work of God, the idea is, let’s do good. We will hit the bull’s eye if we open our arms to welcome the needy. We have tried everything, we have put our strengths, our lives, our emotions but we still have not found a reason to celebrate. This morning, God gives us the outcome of this story, let us take it, implement this prescription and consume this medicine. Let us be generous indefatigable. Hello to us Have a good day.

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