My Month Of Impact! Mt5:16

We spend most of our time rethinking our failures, the bad words that have been said against us that put our lives on hold,
We spend our time rehashing the past, whispering what we should have done, what we might have said,
We reflect on all kinds of toxic affairs that pollute our being.
We remember our disappointments, we remember every dark situation in our lives, and we feed them in bitterness, anger, contempt.
We sometimes fail to control our thoughts, they make us dirty, they devalue us, they affect us.
And sometimes we are surrounded by people who are always sad, always worried, always pensive, always elsewhere, they have let their ideas take over their lives and it has become second nature, these thoughts have become strong bonds that poison our futures.
If we ignore our bad thoughts and nourish our minds with words of faith and victory, the bad thoughts will disappear.
Cleanse our thoughts, remove all bitterness from our mind.
Let the thought of God take over our thoughts,
If we are weak, the Lord will give us strength,
If we feel incapable, God will give us the capabilities,
If we don’t see solutions, God opens the doors,
If we fall, God will lift us up,
If we doubt, God will give us confidence again,
If it all seems over, God will give us new chances.
Let us choose to listen to the voice of God and keep our thoughts pure.
Philippians 4: 8 – Besides, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovable, whatever merits approval, that which is virtuous and worthy of praise, be the object of your thoughts.
Fast and pray to always have a pure mind.
Our thoughts must reflect those of Christ, we must live a high standard life.
When Christ comes to dwell in us, he purifies our thoughts.
Paul reminds us of the influence of our thoughts on our behavior.
We must be models by our conduct.
Learn to speak the truth, uphold justice, have a pure heart, with love, and have a good reputation.
May our thoughts be covered by the word of God and may grace be our share.
Hello everyone
Have a good day

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