My Month Of Reconstruction!Jer31:4

The month of January is drawing to a close and with each new year each of us makes resolutions.
For us, it’s a new year so new methods must take place and be adopted.
But how many are we who hold to these commitments?
How many stand firm to accomplish and achieve?
We start a business but the difficulties discourage us along the way,
We get married but storms and tremors push us and pull us out of our homes,
We decide to fast and pray throughout this seed month, but along the way, we let go and let ourselves be taken over by the distraction.
Let us ask ourselves very seriously what we have started and we are done.
We cannot spend our time starting over, we cannot continue on this path that does not honor God.
The Lord is called Alpha and Omega, there is nothing that he started and did not complete.
We must pray to ask the Lord for the spirit of Alpha and Omega.
When the resurrection of Jesus was announced, Peter and John ran to the tomb and John who had left before did not enter the sepulcher, he was afraid and he stopped, it was stone who was the witness.
It was John the Baptist who completed the work of Elijah because he did not do the will of God.
It’s dangerous not to finish.
Luke, 2:30 pm – saying: This man began to build, and was not able to finish?
Fast and pray for the ability to complete what you start.
In this passage, Jesus tells us that when we start a project, when we have a plan in mind for our life, we have to start at the beginning, take the time to plan and think before starting.
When we don’t finish what we have planned, we can be the laughing stock of all the witnesses to our failures.
The Lord calls us to wisdom and intelligence when we start a business, if a person can laugh at us, at our plans, he can also laugh at our God.
Let us be careful of the initiatives we take lightly, God looks at us and expects us to be real builders.
Hello to us
Have a good day

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