My Month Of Développement ! Act17:28

January is over, bye.
We are happy to have made seeds but we are also happy to put an end to janviosis and its trials.
We are now moving to the other side, we are entering a new season, we are entering another grace.
One more month,
One step closer,
Thank you Lord,
Your wonders are too great.
You alone are able to allow such a thing,
You alone are able to expand our tent,
You alone are worthy to make us grow.
Yesterday, we were newborns, children, we fed on milk, but today we have the privilege of growing and becoming mature.
We must align in the process of Christian character, the Christian must be transformed to possess and manifest to be more like our Lord every day.
We must not allow our defects to hinder our spiritual development.
May each of us apply to know the biblical principles and to work to change our way of life, to be a light and a source of blessing for others.
The Lord invites us all to shine in our spiritual growth through a perfect connection with him through his word.
This is why the Lord wants to underline this period and wishes to make it clear to all who follow and serve him that the time has come to grow, to leave stagnation, to leave coldness and heaviness to develop and to have zeal and the strength to flirt with the kingdom.
Welcome to the second month of our beautification year.
We invited each other to give a standing ovation for February 2021, * our month of Development *
Acts, 17:28 – for in him we have life, movement, and being. This is what some of your poets have also said: From him we are the race …
There is everything in Jesus.
It is Jesus, the life, the way, the truth.
Our life is hidden in the blood of Jesus, we must live for him, in his authority.
When the name of Jesus is called upon, we have neither failure nor defeat.
Jesus is not far from us, he is present.
In him, we live, we move, we are.
We only exist in God, there is no question that if we seek him, we do not find him.
We have to go into the depths in this month, we have to stretch out and let the cloud of fire and dove accompany us.
Exodus, 10:23 – We could not see each other, and no one stood up from his place for three days. But there was light in the places where all the children of Israel lived.
Let the light of the Lord shine upon you throughout this month.
We are interdependent, we must love each other and live together but for those who are rebellious, unbelieving, they will always be imprisoned in slavery, they will always be stricken with physical and spiritual blindness.
But for the light of God to invade us, we must let ourselves be touched and also let the spirit of God envelop us in order to enjoy the fullness of his spirit.
The light comes from God, he is the initiator.
So, let’s pray that the King of Kings will come into our lives this month,
Let us pray to surrender ourselves into the hands of the Lord,
And above all, let us give thanks to the Lord who introduced us to this atmosphere of growth.
Thank you for everything, our Father.
You are our protector and our shield.
What can we do or say without you?
You alone are the master.
Take control.
Good month to each of us
Have a good day

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