My Month Of Reconstruction ! Jer31 :4

When we speak of an author, we speak of the creator, of the one who started, of the one who made something out of nothing, of the one whose act of his power has control over everything.
What do we have that we haven’t received?
We can’t even explain and count our hair, we don’t even know where the air we breathe comes from.
Man believes himself to be the master, with all his science, he is incapable of creating a grain of sand.
With the technological means, he thinks he is sovereign and all this pushes us to forget Jesus and to neglect the essential.
We think about our safety and our comfort and we put our trust in what is seduction and vanity.
In Hebrews 3: 4 – Every house is built by someone, but the one who built all things is God.
Honor he that is author of everything.
We are only instruments in the hands of the Lord, he is the invisible builder of our houses, it is he who gives us the means and the capacities to accomplish everything.
With our hands, we build our houses but the Lord himself built his home and it is us.
It is for this reason that he lives in us.
We are to manifest the image of Christ and be servants, those who let themselves be molded by the Holy Spirit.
Building a house is one thing, but we have no guarantee of our happiness and satisfaction if the one who has authority over all things does not leave his mark.
So let us entrust ourselves to the Lord, our lives and our projects are in his hands, he is the best architect and the one who masters times and circumstances.
Who can we turn to, Jesus is and has the word of life.
Let us run to him and bow down on the altar of glory to wait on him.
He is faithful.
May the name of Jesus be lifted up.
Hello everyone
Have a good day

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