My Month Of Restoration ! Ps23 :3

In the parable of the talents, the master entrusted his talents to his disciples.
He trusted them and gave them an opportunity to express themselves, to discover themselves, to find their way.
The Bible tells us whoever received a talent underestimated, he neglected, he simplified what he had.
He found that it was very little to undertake and achieve.
He preferred to bury his talent and sleep, he chose to wander the streets of Douala, he decided to stand still and continue to complain, instead of using what he had, he closed his spirit, accusing his boss of being too mean and difficult, he refused to take his responsibilities and be content with it yet his brothers who had received perhaps more than him, undertook, made resolutions, worked and have invested.
Thanks to the help of the master, they understood that he had potential, they knew that a champion, a giant was slumbering in them.
They made commitments, risks because they wanted to see their different lives, there was no way they would miss this opportunity to have a place in the sun.
We all have talents that the Lord has given us, it’s in us.
David was a warrior, a leader and Gedeon was a hero, Aaron was a spokesperson.
And you ?
What is your talent?
Some are singers, others are instrumentalists, still others are technicians.
We always think that we have nothing and that others have been given more abilities than us, we are ashamed or afraid of failure and we do not value our skills.
Let us know this morning that when the Lord raises our gifts to us, we must make them fruitful in order to receive more and in abundance or we will lose even what we had initially received.
God has endowed us with skills so that we can benefit others, so that we complement ourselves, so that we serve others.
We are stewards, we are watchmen, whether insignificant or important, our talents matter to God.
God did not waste his time by investing in us, he waits for the return on his investment.
We must not disappoint him, we must use and develop what we have received from him.
Matthew 25:16 – Immediately he that had received the five talents went away and made use of them, and gained five more talents.
Pray for the ability to make good use of your talents.
We are responsible for what we have and for what we wear.
It is up to us to decide whether our lives fail or succeed.
* The talent * can be a capacity, a sum of money, a tool, a position, a business … Which in the end will be doubled.
The master gives us according to our capacities to develop them.
When the Lord gives us a talent, he does not condition us, he does not leave instructions, he gives us the freedom to use it as we wish, he does not put pressure on us, he wants us to take initiatives, he wants us to position ourselves but he wants results.
The Bible tells us that the Lord blesses the works of our hands, if we are not active, if we do not cultivate our fields.
How were we going to harvest our productions?
It is by dint of working that we will discover ourselves.
So let us ask the Lord to have the capacity to multiply what he has deposited in us.
He alone is able to reveal our identity and make us shine.
Hello family
Have a good day

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