My Month Of Restoration ! Ps23 :3

Yes Lord, you know how to embarrass us with your words, with your will.
This morning you want to bank on repentance and it’s a subject that bothers us a lot, it’s a language we don’t like to hear about.
There are many men of God who approach this delicate sector for fear of offending and scaring the members away.
At the same time, we all think that we have a repentant heart but it is urgent to understand that repentance is not an impression, nor remorse, it is not even prayer, nor fasting.
We can do all of this but still keep the sin alive.
Repentance is renouncing all sins, it is radically changing direction, it is walking in the opposite direction to the one we followed.
It’s a change of mind, it’s a decision, a determination.
Repentance is bitter and sincere regret for having done wrong.
Repentance has a fruit, it must change us.
Beloved, true repentance is humility, sincerity.
We cannot repent without humbling ourselves, it is a step towards breaking.
To repent is to be courageous and to die in one’s flesh.
How beautiful, elegant, eloquent are we, but with an impure heart and always offering our services to the devil?
How many of us are by our actions, our words full of pride?
How much are we poured out in giving ourselves the glory for our wealth, for our finances, for our education, for our privileges?
The Bible tells us that God resists the proud.
We confess the love of Jesus Christ by mouth, but our hearts are very far from him.
How many sins do we continue to feed in secret or in hiding?
David was the man after God’s heart but he was not perfect, he committed serious sins but he knew how to come back to the Lord, he knew how to humble himself in the presence of God, he knew how to repent.
Asking the Lord for forgiveness when we are unable to forgive is a selfish gesture, we must learn to be compassionate and merciful like our father and to give up revenge.
Job, 22:23 – Thou shalt be made well, if thou return to the Almighty, If thou takest away iniquity from thy tent.
Fast and pray to have to genuine repentance!
Our sins can turn the hand of the Lord against us.
At times, we can be heartbroken because of our follies.
Let’s go back to the Lord, truly repent.
No one except the Almighty is able to straighten out the crooked parts and restore the floating walls of our lives.
Let’s not persevere in our rebellion, let’s go to Jesus who knows how to console us and re-establish us.
Hello to us
Have a good day

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