My Month Of Restoration ! Ps23:3

Before being king, David was the last son of the house of Jesse, he was the one who was commissioned all the time, the one who looked after his father’s sheep, the one who would bring food to his brothers. on the field of war and the bravest.
And one day, while bringing the meal of his elders, he encounters a situation, everyone was frightened and seized with a great fear.
Goliath, the strong Philistine man who intimidated the people wanted to fight and challenge Israel.
Israel feared this Philistine, he fled only at the sight of him.
David, very astonished by the fear of his brothers, is interested in it and asks if there is a reward for the one who will deliver Israel.
What saddens the young David the most is the contempt of Goliath, he was not shy to insult and despise the whole army of the living God.
This is what rebelled David the most.
David’s brothers knew him to be zealous, courageous, proud, pretentious, daring, they knew that David was not insensitive to this kind of situation and they began to dissuade me.
When Saul met David, it was the young Israelite who convinced and encouraged the downcast king by the instability that Goliath was causing.
Beloved, no one believed in David, everyone was looking at his age, his inexperience, his size but David did not have the same vision, he knew that the bible tells us that if our faith is like a grain from senévé, we will tell this mountain to take it away and it will be, he knew he had to call on his God and trust him.
How brave !
David had established his victory, he used to tear apart the lions and bears that preyed on his sheep.
King Saul wanted to equip David with his armor, but he refused.
It is not all this that will deliver us from the hand of this uncircumcised, it is the Lord of hosts.
Goliath laughed and underestimated David and the Lord defended David and gave him victory.
Even Saul was impressed by the boldness of this boy, he was challenged by a child, he who knew and mastered the cogs of war to lack courage.
This is how the situation turned around, this is how Saul’s reputation began to deteriorate, and how David’s fame grew.
The courage to dare
The courage to win,
The courage to succeed.
Where everyone has retreated, where everyone has doubted, entrust ourselves to God and let him deliver us.
For Peter to walk on the waters, it took courage even to ask Jesus to invite him into this experience.
Peter had faith and walked on the waters, but at one point unbelief took hold.
The bible says that the kingdom of God belongs to the violent.
The violent is the courageous.
Solomon offered a thousand oxen to the Lord, that is courage.
Another person would have said that it is waste, it is not normal, it could have been sold or given to the poor as we said for the perfume of great price.
Solomon did not look at all that, he said to himself that in order to have what he desires, he must equip himself with the courage to attract the gaze of God and move forward.
Here we are, we are all witnesses of his glory.
Courage propels us, it takes us far.
My brothers, we tremble too much, we quickly get discouraged and we fall into failures.
We feel like nothing is going well in our lives because we are not taking risks.
And all this leads us to doubt, to believe that we are being thrown in the wheels and it’s like we miss our goals.
Paul says in 2 Corinthians, 4:16 – This is why we do not lose heart. And even as our outer man is destroying himself, our inner man is being renewed day by day.
Pray for courage to be part of your attributes.
Let’s have faith and put it into practice.
Let us preach the words of blessings in our lives and reject those which are not favorable because God renews our inner man every morning.
The word of God sustains us, reassures us and transforms us every day.
Let us take courage and watch.
Let us not give up in the face of the difficulties of the church and in the face of our trials.
The weight of age can make us old, illnesses can tire us, but God restores and renews us.
Let us trust in the Lord because he is faithful.
Hello to us
Have a good day

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