My Month Of Restoration ! Ps23:3

We believed one day to meet love, we gave ourselves, we sacrificed ourselves, we were inseparable, but one day the betrayal stopped at our door.
We prospered, the Lord blessed us, we got our family members back to represent in our business, we suffered so much to see them struggling, our hope was to see happiness in our surroundings and one day, disappointment us a hit so hard,
We have children in whom we had invested everything believing to maximize so that their future is glorious and one day, the reality of their lives made us an infrastus.
We are in a connection that certainly opens the way for us, we have given up everything to devote ourselves to a mink and one day we have faced distress, lamentations, depressions, worries because we have lost everything.
We have long believed that we can rely on others, we have long believed that the things of the world determine our lives, we have let everyone come into our lives, decide and choose for us.
We believed that it would give us a place of honor in the sun, we believed that it helped us move forward, we believed in the love of Pharaoh and today our hearts are bleeding, our hearts are sick, the palpitations are seated in us due to the multiple shocks received.
Love does not run the streets, love is not what we hear in the mouths, love is beyond words, actions, the umbilical cord or a union.
Love is Jesus.
If we want to live and experience love, let’s love Jesus.
His love is pure, true, alive, genuine.
Her love is patient
His love shares
Her love takes it all
His love excuses everything
His love believes everything
Where can we find this love if not in Jesus?
Many think that it is with their husbands or their children or else with their business that they will be loved.
Jesus is the only one who can fill us, it is in him that we can derive satisfaction.
It is because his love is there that happiness and grace accompany us.
The love of Jesus does not hurt, it does not betray, even when what God wants does not suit us, his love is perfect.
We invite each other this morning to establish his love within us, nothing will separate us from his love because the excellence of his love is magnificent.
The Lord loves us Beloved but we are rebellious, we lack respect to him, we will always revitalize ourselves in the world.
Beyond everything our husband does for us, beyond the fidelity of our husband, we continue to disobey him and let our lovers distract us.
Hosea, 14: 4 – I will make amends for their unfaithfulness, I will love them sincerely; For my anger is turned away from them.
Bless the Lord for his perfect love.
The Lord is always ready to forgive us, to restore us if we return to him, if we repent.
The love of God is enough for us, we must bless the Lord for his love and his faithfulness.
May glory return to the Lord.
Hello to us
Have a good day

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