My Month Of Restoration ! Ps23:3

Lord, how can we be in joy when we have lost loved ones?
How can joy reside among us when the pandemic frustrates and squeezes us?
How can we ask ourselves not to worry when our future is unclear?
We are in front of you to tell you that it is difficult, father, but we want to honor your word.
We want to beg you to take our eyes off the instabilities we are in.
Our joy and our fulfillment depend on causes outside ourselves, on things that come to change or be missing at a time and then our joy disappears.
Listen, the Lord advises us in 1 Thessalonians, 5:16 – Always be joyful.
Pray for the restoration of permanent joy in your life.
This is a fundamental principle of the Christian life.
But how can we succeed in doing what this verse tells us?
To be joyful is to trust in the path that God has marked out for us,
The Lord is teaching us this morning that our joy should not depend on our feelings, our emotions, our circumstances, how others treat us.
To be in joy is not given, it is a decision, it is an order.
So if there is an event that still shakes our joy, let us know this morning that it is a sin.
Not to be joyful is disobedience to the word of God so it is a sin.
Today’s passage is strange but Paul gives divine direction.
How can we explain that while Paul and Silas are doing the work of God, people are throwing them in prison and joy should always dwell in their hearts, grudges should never cross their minds?
The bible tells us that in prison they lifted up praise to the Lord.
Beloved, we praise, we sing when all is well, when peace is at our door, when joy saturates us.
We can just understand that these disciples followed the recommendation of the Lord who rescued them.
Let us focus on Jesus in the midst of the circumstances so that our joy is not shaken.
That’s the word this morning.
Hello to us
Have a good day

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