My Month Of Radiancy! Job17 :11

Our God is our strength, our refuge, our support, our liberator.
Whether the storm is faltering or unpredictable, let us know that the peace and presence of God illuminate our journey through darkness.
Darkness and light cannot coexist, they cannot be in harmony.
The light is given to do the will of God, to separate us from the filth of the world and to balance us, it helps us to move forward.
Light brings life, resurrection, it is effective, it is the fruit of God’s intervention.
The darkness of our lives is blindness, it is the lack of light.
To be in darkness is to lack discernment.
If we are not sanctified, we would still have the illusion of having reached perfection, of being sinless, self-sufficient, self-satisfied.
Darkness prevents us from seeing our mistakes and changing, it closes our hearts and manipulates our minds.
Only the light of God has the power to melt our hearts of ice and show us our true natures.
It is the Lord who makes our light shine when we surrender ourselves to him, he wishes to fill us with his light.
God knows that there are dark parts in our lives, he knows that darkness covers the earth, he knows that we are crossing the desert but the Lord guarantees us that darkness will not always reign.
Are we then ready to let the light of God shine through our anxieties and trials?
2 Samuel, 22:29 – Yea, you are my light, O Lord! The LORD has lightened up my darkness.
Invite the Lord to bring his light on your darkness.
Let us recognize that it is the Lord who is our direction, it is he who clears the way, it is he who leads us in the paths of righteousness.
He is always there with us, he supports us, he helps us.
Even when suffering and tears strike us, God does not abandon us, he always puts before us a solution that only he is able to provide.
So let’s raise our voices, and say thank you to the Lord who disconnects us from the covenants that keep us at the bottom of the ladder.
And let’s fix our eyes on Jesus.
Hello to us
Good day

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