My Month Of Illumination! Dan2:22

The truth, a word we love to say, a word we cry out for and claim,
a word whose value we do not necessarily know.
The truth is Jesus, it is his word and since many of us are unbelievers, doubters, outlaws, we always fail to stand up for what is right.
Attention to what we call truth, only one truth is taken into account, the word of God.
The devil, in a subtle way, has infiltrated our languages, our words, our thoughts.
He has deposited in us his poison and his venom which have diverted us from the path of God.
He corrupted us and today we are lying in a lie, we prefer to ignore certain truths to please, to keep the peace, not to anger anyone.
The world helps us move away from the will of God.
Let us know that the word of God is actual, it does not change, it is the message of God.
To accommodate our society, we chose to ignore deviations, we let Sodom and Gomorrah dominate us.
We are no longer able to value marriage so as not to anger the immodest, we reject the sexual morality of the bible and we follow immorality.
In the church, we do not teach spiritual principles at the risk of losing members, out of fear, through division.
We prefer tolerance rather than defending Jesus.
We preach the gospel of darkness, we bring nothing to light, we keep the members captive, prisoners, ignorant but know that it is sin.
Saul of Tarsus had biblical knowledge, he believed he was on the side of the truth, he kept telling himself until the Lord met him on the road to Damascus.
He persecuted the proclamation of the word, if Jesus had not intervened he would certainly have killed his whole village.
But when he encountered the truth, when the light of God located him, when the anointing came down and tore the curtain, he became a giver of truth.
And this is what we are talking about today in Romans, 1:18 – The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who unjustly hold the truth captive,
Do not withhold the truth from others.
Let us not be one of those who hold the truth in injustice.
Instead of obstructing the truth, let it develop freely.
Let us not bring the wrath of God upon us.
Let us share the word of God with the needy and the Lord will probably be happy on His throne.
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