My Month Of Acceleration! Is58:14

We cannot have God on our side and want to do like the others,
We don’t even realize that God walks ahead of us and gives us direction or we wouldn’t need a king we see.
It’s because we don’t know our identity that we can afford to make a god out of our jewelry, it’s because we’re an unbelieving people that we can commit sins once Moses leaves us alone, c It is because we are careless that we refuse to take responsibility.
Let’s be careful not to be our own obstacle.
Israel, have you forgotten where it’s from?
You were a slave in Egypt, you were in bondage for a long time, the Lord saw your pain and came to your rescue.
So pull yourself together, do not doubt, God makes an eternal covenant with you, the Lord promises you rest.
In Isaiah, 54:4 – Fear not, for you shall not be confounded; Do not blush, for you will not be dishonored; But you will forget the shame of your youth, And you will no longer remember the reproach of your widowhood.
Pray not to become an obstacle to yourself.
*Confusion* is the moment when we no longer know what to do, we are between two decisions, we have a problem of choice, it is an embarrassment in which we find ourselves and we do not know which direction to take to move forward .
*The youth of Zion* designates the time when God chose us and brought us out of a miserable condition to make us his bride.
*The shame of our Youth* is the bondage of Egypt, the captivity of Babylon.
*the stigma of widowhood* is exile.
Our sufferings will only be a memory, it’s over.
The abandonment is over.
So as not to be confused, let us keep our eyes fixed on God who delivers and who gives salvation.
The Lord is our light, he is our father who does not shame his children.
The Lord promises us to erase our failures and replace them with victories.
The Lord brings us comfort and is our refuge in the day of trouble.
Trust him and he will do the rest.
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