My Month Of Increase! Deut1:11

We have an obligation to help the poorest.
Let us not be insensitive to the suffering of the poor.
Let us give to the assisted with compassion not to be seen or admired but just know how to help.
And as we reach out, expect nothing in return, not even gratitude.
We are generous to honor the word of God, to respect the instructions of our God and it is from him that we must expect the payment, the reward.
What an honor we have to have a God who borrowed from us!
Why trace us when we have a guarantee from our Daddy?
Let us support the first needy who will come to us and accumulate in our account in the bank of God.
Maybe we crossed a needy?
Maybe we don’t have a price for a sick person?
Perhaps we have not spoken of our Jesus to a lost soul?
Perhaps we did not feed, clothe a starving person or a beggar?
We did not do well.
With love comes giving.
The giving hand is above the receiving hand.
The Bible tells us that God so loved the world that he gave his son as a sacrifice.
The Lord himself showed us the example and he is always ready to support us.
The Lord urges us to cultivate love and sharing.
Know that the secret of prosperity is hidden in giving.
Giving it opens the floodgates of heaven and rains down a multitude of blessings.
Increase your donations!
Proverbs 19:17 – He who has pity on the poor lends to The LORD, Who will repay him according to his work.
May our hearts not be closed or insensitive.
When there is action on our part, the reaction of the Lord follows and the blessing is seen.
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