My Month Of Increase! Deut1:11

Lord, we give you thanks.
We recognize that you are God,
We give you all the glory,
You are worthy, our Father.
The people of Israel had been slaves in Egypt for years and one day the Lord remembered them.
He commissioned Moses who was brought up in the house of Pharaoh to free his people.
Moses knew that overthrowing Pharaoh is not an easy thing but God positioned him in the rank of God to complete his work.
The Bible tells us that the Lord fed his people, he made manna fall from heaven, he brought water out of the rock.
And even during the crossing in the desert, Israel lacked nothing, their shoes were not worn, their clothes were not torn.
No pain and no disease.
The story tells us that the Lord accompanied them with his pillar of cloud by day to guide him on the way and his pillar of fire at night to illuminate it.
Who is like this God?
He’s here to protect us
He is there to get us out of the mouth of the wolf,
His presence is our safety,
His shield is our guarantee,
His fortress is our weapon.
Who can compare it to the idols that we keep building to worship and that distort our destinies?
Beloved, let us rely on our God,
trust him and let his spirit lead us to high places.
Psalms, 77:15 – You are the God who works wonders; You have shown your power among the peoples.
Let the might of the Lord keep on working for your increase!
It is you that we love, Lord!
You reign, Father.
Your power is perfect.
Our ears had heard of you but now we can testify, we are witnesses of your wonders, our eyes have seen your benefits.
You are our everything.
The glory be yours, Lord.
hello to us
Have a good day

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