My Month Of Perspicacity! 2Tim2:7

We always have a lot of questions, especially right now.
We wonder about the why, the how, the when.
Why us ?
Why did it happen?
When will this happen?
Why is nothing working in our lives?
What’s going on with our situations?
The only thing we have to say is that we have to learn to trust God.
Even if we don’t have answers to our questions, even if we don’t understand anything.
There is no situation that God cannot fix, nothing is greater than him.
Let us pray, intercede, fast but be sure and convinced that God will act, that he has heard us, that his eyes are on us, that he will intervene and let us have faith that he is in control.
Let’s not look at time, nor at everything that happens around us, nor at the glory of others.
Stop looking at men, they can let us down, disappoint us, but God will always be there to help and rescue us.
*Trusting in the Lord* empowers us to be patient, to endure, and to endure trials.
*Trusting in the Lord* is refusing doubt and continuing to pray.
*To trust in God* is to show our degree of faith.
*Trusting in God* allows us to enter into God’s promises and blessings.
Isaiah 64:4 – Never was it heard or heard, And never did eye see that a god other than you did such things for those who trust in him.
Be confident in God’s promises to you.
When Pharaoh had a dream and it had to be interpreted. No magician, no enchanter could do it, it needed the intervention of the God of Joseph to satisfy the need of Pharaoh and Egypt.
When the king also had a dream and had forgotten.
You had to tell your dream and interpret it.
No divination, no charlatan has been able to meet the challenge.
It was necessary to call on a servant of God, an anointed man of God who serves God and trusts him to unblock the situation.
Daniel walked in, took a moment of prayer, and the revelation was given to him.
We think our God is deaf, or blind, or mute?
His hand is not too short to save, his ear too hard to hear.
Just trust him.
It depends on us.
He is Alpha and Omega,
He is Elohim,
He is Over Do,
He is who we want to see and hear.
So, let’s pull ourselves together and get back to our posts.
hello to us
Have a good day

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