My Month Of Honor! Jn12:26

Job was a man of integrity and justice, he respected God and loved to do good.
Everything smiled on him: a beautiful family, great wealth.
In order not to displease God and to be sure of keeping this happiness, Job regularly offered sacrifices.
One day, God called a meeting and Satan invited himself, claiming that Job’s righteousness was only due to his good living conditions.
Satan challenged God and God allowed him to do so on the sole condition that his life was not affected.
This is how Job finds himself in all kinds of trouble,
He saw his happiness steadily deteriorate until Job’s wife urged him to curse God.
Job continues to maintain that he has not sinned and his experience proves that there are injustices.
Fast and pray that you will never lose your Honor.
Job, 19:9 – He has stripped me of my glory, He has taken the crown from my head.
We’re talking about a man who had stability and everyone wanted to be in his place, but one day everything turned upside down.
The devil took away his dignity,
he stole his reputation,
he took away his smile.
Job went from being honoured to being miserable,
All the respect and dignity he had fell from him.
He became a shadow of his former self,
he was a laughing stock,
he was rejected and one day God remembered him and gave him back the strength and restoration that surprised everyone.
As long as we are attached to the Lord
we do not lose our honour.
The Lord is the one who keeps us standing.
Good morning to you all
Good day to you

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