My Month Of Honor! Jn12:26

This is how we behave, we don’t want any constraints when we want to serve God,
we don’t want any conditions,
We want to do as we want and as we wish, but we think we’re on the right track.
We want to tell ourselves that walking with God is full of circumstances and corrections.
The Lord has his laws,
Let’s not saturate God’s mind with our principles.
This morning he’s talking about giving.
It’s a subject we hate,
it’s a point that irritates us.
When this business of giving is put on the table,
we call our churches places of commerce,
we call our servants thieves, we criticise God.
Why do we do this?
The pain is on the table.
Let’s say what we want,
to serve God is also to be generous,
it means practising generosity.
To give is to accept to lose,
it’s extending a hand,
it means coming to our aid.
What do we have that we can’t give to God?
What is it that seduces us and that we don’t want to let go of?
Those who say they love must give.
And above all give what is precious to him,
what is dear to him.
We are used to dealing with our crumbs, we say we honour our Father,
we bring our leftovers,
we think we want to be grateful, but it’s with our leftovers that we go to the altar.
All we have to say is that God is a swindler, that pastors are the di monney,
say what we want, that’s our problem.
Spiritual law teaches us that we must not come to the house of the Lord empty-handed,
the altar of the Lord will not lack food,
it is forbidden to go to see a man of God without gifts.
It’s in the Bible, even Naaman, who wasn’t even a Christian, followed this principle when he went to see Elysium.
As long as we have made an effort with our offerings or sacrifices, we think that things should go according to our wishes.
Let’s be clear about this, we who give have no constraints, it’s the person who receives our gifts who has the pressure,
It’s the person who receives our gifts who is under pressure; he or she is obliged to behave so that the word is fulfilled.
We should also note that to be blessed, we must be generous because the scriptures are clear: he who waters will be watered.
Full stop.
God is a businessman, and in business no one wants to lose, or whoever is stronger simply applies his law.
So there it is, our good that we worship,
our riches that we flatter ourselves with,
our possessions that we cherish there,
our inheritance that we hold dear thereā€¦ Let us serve the Lord with it.
Yaweh must take the first place, and everything that is important to us must be for God.
Proverbs, 3:9 – Honour the Lord with your possessions, And with the first fruits of all your increase:
Honor the Lord with your possessions.
And here it isaaaa
Good day to you all
Good day to you

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