My Month Of Honor! Jn12:26

The glory of God is the presence of God,
it is the grace of God in our lives.
And one of the things the enemy does is to take that glory away from a man, from a nation.
In the Bible, Israel lost its glory to the Philistines when the ark of the covenant was taken from the land of Israel.
We know that the ark of the covenant is God’s presence, God’s glory.
Where it is present, God is there too.
The Bible tells us that when Israel went to war with the Philistines, the ark of the covenant was part of the booty taken by the Philistines.
When the ark left the midst of God’s children, the damage began.
Eli and his sons died,
The wife of Phinehas, son of Eli the priest, died in childbirth.
She named the child Kabod, she said, the glory is banished from Israel because of the departure of the Ark of the Covenant.
We must be careful with our words and our actions, because the enemy is stealing our glory through our sins,
through our indiscipline,
through our spiritual unconsciousness.
Even the case of Jacob and Esau.
Esau is the eldest,
he is the first-born, but because of hunger,
his negligence,
he sold his birthright to his younger son Jacob for food.
We’ll say it was a foolish thing to do, but many of us have lost our glory on the road to fornication and adultery.
For others, in the fire of lust and seduction.
And we wonder what’s going on, we want to tell ourselves this morning that we can make up for yesterday’s mistakes.
We can enter the process of restoration, we can still be forgiven by the Lord.
And to do that, we have to recognise that our God is good and faithful.
We must know that he is the beginning and the end.
Let us go to him, he is able to roll away from us the reproach of the curse,
He wants to change the bad smell that has attached itself to us,
he wants to break the chains that suffocate us,
he wants to remove the nail that had been put in a safe place.
So let us allow the Lord to change our identity.
Pray for the restoration of all stolen glory in your life.
Nahum, 2:3 – For the Lord restores the glory of Jacob and the glory of Israel, because the robbers plundered them and destroyed their vines….
When the destroyer comes to sow the tares,
his purpose is to break our strength,
to take us out of God’s presence and above all to separate us from God’s love, but the Lord goes to work to defend us,
He does everything so that we understand that he is our high retreat and he is the one who repairs the breaches.
Let us trust in the Lord; his hand brings us peace and joy that the world cannot offer us.
Let us give him all the glory.
Good day to you all
Good day to you all

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