My Month of Humility!Phil2:3

We come from different universes, we have received different educations.
What seems right in one is a horror in the other and that’s how God planned, he made sure that our differences do not destroy, that it does not move away but that it helps us to tidy up and to accept us.
Also, we will see people calm, others angry, talkative or even proud, some have epidermal reactions very often so we happen to have a problem with our character.
We do not always know how to manage but the Holy Spirit is able to transform us if we let ourselves be, if we become aware of our need to change.
One thing is certain: God uses our weaknesses to manifest His power.
We are the last day of a month when Jesus manifested himself greatly, he reproached us and it is up to us to perfect ourselves to attract his attention.
The Lord wants to break us, he wants us to be sociable and humble children, he wants to put a stop on our mistakes, he wants us down from our heights to better carry us to glory.
Humility is not what we often hear ourselves say, it’s more than that, it’s to forget our stripes, our honors, our positions, our gates … to upgrade.
And it’s not always easy, we like the first place, we like to be accepted and applauded, which is not bad but stay wise.
When all is well, there is no difference between the poor and the rich, but when we have hard knocks, we challenge ourselves that the character is a fruit of the spirit and that Jesus must intervene.
No situation is above the eternal, he knows that the laws of men seduce us, intimidate us, abuse us, exploit us but do not help us when everything goes wrong.
But the Bible tells us that we will only harvest what we sowed, if we plant love, honesty, forgiveness, sweetness, that’s what we will harvest but if we do the opposite, we will also have opposite.
We must be like Jesus, and to do it we need him, by our means and by our efforts, it would be difficult for us to die in ourselves.
We made choices, made decisions that put us in drawers, we thought we did well, our lives depend on it, our actions took a hit and today we want to be someone else, we need the consultation of Jesus, we need a single word, a sign that we are in the vision of God, it seems painful but the Lord holds our hand and directs us.
He advises us for this day of praying for permanent changes to make place in your character.
2 Corinthians 3:11 – Indeed, if what was fleeting was glorious, what is permanent is much more glorious.
We let ourselves be infiltrated by the world, bad desires and harmful habits have controlled us but we do not want more of this life, we want to separate from it, we want to be in the image of Jesus, we want to remain in his presence .
Lord, forgive us and correct our way of acting and thinking, change the bad habits we have taken, we know that it is for our good to change in order to have a better life according to your principles.
We spend our time saying that the problem comes from others, that it is up to them to make efforts however it is up to us to make some.
Let your word penetrate us so that we can be a good witness and help others to turn to you.
It’s not easy to give up bad habits but we want to improve.
We know that your reprimand is objective although we have trouble, it frustrates us, it offends us but it helps us.
Lord, we surrender ourselves to you and your transformation be permanent and glorious in our lives, in the name of Jesus.
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Have a good day

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