My Month of Benficence!Act20:35

Doing good is what our God taught us throughout the month of July.
He wants us to have no opportunity to please.
A gesture, a smile, a gift anyway, we must do good works.
We all need it, we need support, sometimes help to find us and to flourish.
The Lord on this day still inculcates us benevolence, it must remain engraved in our memories that this instruction is part of the divine laws.
We must also understand that we must not do good according to our friends, our families, our affinities.
God to give his life favored everyone, he did not stop at certain details as we Men love to do.
This morning, God tells us to remember to always do good, he knows that to make a good gesture, we always want to calculate our interests, we want to see our gain before lifting a finger, we want to be rewarded for doing things. efforts.
God gives us a counsel that he judges well for us, it helps us to better understand what it is about, that’s why he sends us back to Hebrews, 13:16 – And do not forget the beneficence and liberality, for it is to such sacrifices that God takes pleasure.
Pray to always remember to do good.
The liberality is a financial gift.
And when it comes to money, we are not generally very motivated, we do not want to hear anything.
As soon as this word is pronounced especially in the church, we get up with criticisms, reproaches, complaints.
To give is a sacrifice, we give not only what is useless, what does not serve us, we give what costs us, what we are attached to, what we love, our time, our money …
This is what God is looking at today, he invites us to make a precious gesture, remarkable and not without constraint.
In any case, God watches over His word to fulfill it, it is up to us to bend to His will.
Hello here
Have a good day

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