My Month of Bencifence!Act20:35

We are the last Sunday, thanksgiving Sunday, the Sunday of celebration, the Sunday when we must acknowledge that God is with us, he has removed us from death, he has not allowed the enemy to asphyxiation, his presence keeps us and helps us.
He is whatever the difficulties and trials, we murmur, we blaspheme but he never abandons us, how not to say thank you for his benefits, how not to prostrate in a sign of reverence to accept that he is the only one God, his uniqueness closes his mouth, his authenticity differentiates him, how not to thank him for our life, for his love, for his protection.
We are going through difficult times but you lord, you never let us down.
Even when misfortune crushes us, even when we are overcome with pain, even when we are in pain, he calms us, he consoles us with his love.
We can not imagine how much God loves us.
Since the beginning of the month, he has kept us, every day, he accompanies us and watches over us.
We see our lives so ugly, so miserable but God does not see us like that, he sees us in a different way.
God is great, he sees things in a big way, he works in our lives, we are not aware of the battles and battles from which he dismisses us.
We behave like blind, ungrateful …
No generosity on our part, no humility, no thanks, we think we have made of ourselves, by our strength while our God does not sleep, nor sleeps for us to be in rejoicing.
He is everywhere, in our work, in our families, in our churches, in our relationships but we are so focused on our failings that we do not see the power of his name acting, we refuse to experience a new life with Jesus by changing our thoughts, our behaviors.
We are our own limits, we prevent God from moving.
Let’s learn how to be grateful, what did we do to be there, what did we do to get out and come back safely, without incident?
Is it so banal to be alive?
Is it so obvious?
How many did not get up?
How many are sick?
How many are weeping?
How many do not have or sleep?
God is capable, he takes care of us, he does not look at anything to provide for us, he is so patient and merciful that nothing stops him when he is in action.
Let’s stop complaining, when God does, let’s acknowledge that he did, whether we like it or not,
Let us stop complaining, when God does, recognize that he did, whether we like it or not, he is God and his love is perfect and sufficient to entrust us to him, to forget us in him.
Then he says to us in Psalms, 40:11 – I do not hold in your heart your righteousness, I declare your truth and your salvation; I do not hide your goodness and your faithfulness in the great assembly.
Make sure you testify about the goodness of God!
Let us magnify the goodness of God, share with our brothers the wonders of God in our lives and give thanks to God.
Hello home
Good Sunday.

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