My Month Of Impact! Mt5:16

When the prophet Elysee told Naaman to go and bathe in the waters of the Jordan to recover his healing.
Naaman was frustrated and embittered with the prophet for waiting for hands to be laid on him, for prayers all day, for a schedule to be made for him.
Naaman already had in his head a glimpse of how the prophet could act, he knew that the man of God had to consider the fact that he came from far …
He was shocked that the prophet sent to bring him the news without receiving it, he even wanted to leave but his servant convinced him to obey the instruction of the prophet.
In another case, the disciples are in the boat with Jesus and during their journey, the waters rise, the storm is strong, the rain in heavy drops, the sea is very rough.
The disciples no longer know what to do, panic seizes them and Jesus is with them but he is sleeping.
They were walking with Jesus but they did not know him, they did not know how to take advantage of Jesus’ blanket, no one could control the situation.
They woke up Jesus to come to their aid and Jesus imposed silence on the sea, everything became calm again.
When Jesus invited Peter to walk on the waters, he wanted this disciple to act on his word, to obey without reasoning, but at one point Peter looked at the obstacles around him, at the dangers he faced, at the voices that intimidated him and he fell into the water and almost drowned.
* Lack of faith. *
These are stories that challenge us, that reveal our attitude to problems, that expose our current disbelief.
Children of God who lack faith, who do not have sufficient confidence in God, who want solutions and blessings but do not believe in Yaweh’s faithfulness.
Many times we don’t always need prayer, but we do need to act on the advice we have received from Christ’s word, to obey, and to enter into our breakthrough.
Several times, God made us a promise but we help God because according to our understanding, the how is impossible, our unbelief pushes us to complicate everything, to doubt and to disobey.
We always want big prayers, big formulas … but sometimes one word is enough.
The bible says that it is faith that knocks down mountains, that brings light.
To have the light, you have to go to the switch and turn it on otherwise we will remain in the dark.
Let us stand up and act.
Hebrews 11:20 – By faith Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau for things to come.
Pray to always act by faith this day!
Isaac was the bearer of the blessing, he wanted to pass it on from generation to generation to his children so that they in turn could accomplish the will of God.
Faith renews the covenant made between God and us.
Faith triggers favor, materializes the spiritual, it concretizes the word of God.
We must know how to make decisions according to the word of God, we must remain steadfast and attached to Jesus to enjoy our blessings.
Hello everyone
Have a good day

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