My Month Of Probity ! Ro13:13

Blessed be your name, Lord.
You are sovereign,
You are invincible
You are authentic
You are alive…
You are the one who always rewards,
You are the one who keeps giving gifts,
You are our support
You are our strength
You are our secret …
You are so many things father
You are capable of many wonders
You change the stories,
You rewrite destinies,
You embellish reputations.
You are worthy
You are forever.
Who are we to not be grateful?
Who are we to stand up against you?
Even creation and nature reverence before you and say amen.
You have proven to everyone that you are Alpha and Omega, but we men are still fighting you.
You sit in glory and your kingdom is perfect.
Oh father, we don’t realize the splendor and greatness of your name, we put our pride everywhere, we challenge your word yet you can raise stones to praise.
We’re sorry, Yaweh.
Sorry for this dissatisfaction in which we are locked,
Sorry for this unbelief in which the devil keeps imprisoning us.
Until when will we be aware?
How much longer are we going to take to realize that we are lost and useless without you.
Many times you have done new things for us but we do not recognize the power of your hand in our testimonies.
You broke the blindness in lives,
You healed the paralytics,
You lowered the deafness,
But we are unable to shout for joy, we are ashamed to say that you are the source of our restoration.
We are in perdition.
Beloved, to accept Jesus is to be in his family, it is to be invited to the table of kings, it is to enjoy the inheritance …
Let us be disciples who defend Jesus, let us proclaim his name.
The world has imposed its system and its strategies on us,
The devil by his subtlety has forbidden us to give thanks to the one who can do everything.
Why are we ashamed of Jesus?
Why is talking about him heavy?
Why do our hearts find it difficult to rejoice in spiritual things?
Why are we afraid to assume in front of everyone that we are serving the Lord and that we refuse to espouse the standards of the world?
Why do we have a problem with the world knowing that we don’t go to conventional churches?
Why are we embarrassed to give out a Christian invitation and bring others into fellowship with us?
Talking about Jesus is a burden for us, publicly telling his wonders remains a sacrilege,
Praying spontaneously for a sick person remains a scandal for us, children of God.
To say officially one’s spiritual opinion is disgusting.
The devil has put us in a gear that has turned the world upside down, it’s pretty normal to honor hospitals and their doctors, it’s okay to boast of a witch doctor, it’s okay to confide and obey men rather than God.
It’s impressive the way the enemy operates, everything is done in such a way that we trivialize everything, we neglect everything and we like it.
We are blind and our eyes stop at seduction and the lusts of the world.
Beloved, we are all wrong, we have all deviated, we are on the verge of adrift.
The bible says that the Samaritan woman in John 4 met Jesus, she did not have a pleasant life, she who was a prostitute, she who came out of a cursed place connected with the Lord, she seized his blessing and received the water of life.
Contact with life, with the word, with the fullness of the Holy Spirit changed her story and sparked a ministry in her life and she did.
She began to talk about God, to attract crowds to come in contact with their blessings.
Everywhere she went, she bore witness to how great and faithful God is.
What about us?
Are we so ungrateful that we do not speak of the goodness of the Lord?
Even in our families, among friends, in our workplaces, are we courageous to take our responsibilities in hand and to tell someone that Jesus loves them?
In any case, each must be at his post, each of us must do his task, each must participate in the advancement of the work of God.
How else can we say that we have a father that we never talk about?
How can we say we are full of love when we are choking the very love that is Jesus?
Our testimonies must change,
Our ways of speaking must carry the spirit of God, we must understand that Jesus is with us all the time, he remains in us, he accompanies us everywhere.
May our tongues lift up praise to the Lord,
Let our tongues confess that he is almighty,
May our words bless his holy temple.
Testify about the Lord wherever you find yourself.
Psalms, 119: 171 – May my lips proclaim your praise! For you teach me your statutes.
Serve the Lord
Let’s follow it
Let us draw closer to him every day and proclaim his name everywhere.
Elohim is his name.
Hello team
Have a good day

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