My Month Of Restoration ! Ps23:3

We know how to express ourselves without problem,
We are eloquent,
We have easy contact,
We are good negotiators, good managers,
We are fulfilled and inspired when we need to support our arguments.
This is our real us when we want to satisfy the world, when our wages are at stake, when our interests are not secure.
But let’s look at when we have to be of service to the Lord, when we have to go to evangelism.
Everyone is discouraged, heavy.
No one has the motivation, we always find an excuse.
Some people underestimate themselves, they don’t know how to approach others, how to develop what Jesus has done for them, they are ashamed to talk about the one they call their Father, their lover.
They find that it is a job which demeans them, which diminishes them, which humiliates them.
How can we convince a lost person when we ourselves are not sure, convinced of what is coming out of our mouths, if we ourselves doubt Jesus.
How can we say every day that Jesus has saved us, he has done us good but we are unable to invite a person to come and experience the glory of God.
The word of God is alive and it recommends us to go and make disciples of all the nations.
Let us not be of those who stop the work of God, we are called to spread the good news by what comes out of our mouths, by our behavior.
Serving God makes us so uncomfortable that no neighbor knows our identity, if we are ashamed of God, he too will be ashamed of us.
The Bible tells us that a shepherd who has a hundred sheep cannot admit losing a single one.
He is able to go in search of the one who has gone astray and to sacrifice the ninety-nine thousand others.
If he finds the one that was lost, he is happy.
How do we feel when we look at all these lost souls? what do we do to make the kingdom of God satisfied?
James 5:19 – My brethren, if any among you has strayed from the truth, and another brings him back,
Pray to be empowered to bring back many to Christ.
Here is a complaint, an invitation.
We are sentries.
We have to look out for each other.
Someone can make the wrong teaching and go astray.
Anyone can stray from the truth, from the light and walk in darkness.
The passage tells us about the salvation of souls.
Jacques addresses us and urges us to persevere until the end.
He’s not writing to people who don’t go to church, he’s not talking to people who have never accepted the truth that’s in Christ, he’s addressing the church to remind people of the danger. which is watching us at all times.
Let us be careful not to come out of the truth, let us be careful and be at our posts otherwise it is possible that we are Christians on the edge.
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