My Month Of Restoration ! Ps23:3

We sinned
We lost our first love
We have dedicated our lives to the pursuit of immorality and wickedness.
We live immoral lives and we violate the word of God.
We need to repent, confess our sins, change, and seek God with all of our heart.
Disobedience has taken us out of the presence of God,
Pride has weakened our relationship with God,
Lack of love has kept us from recognizing our destiny helpers,
Impatience has stripped us of royalty,
This is what the children of God become when they turn against God, when they are unfaithful, they have other masters who dominate and oppress them.
Israel at one point made for itself other gods which it worshiped, it forgot all the joys and victories that the Lord had given them, it prostituted itself, it defiled itself, it removed from the face of God and the Father withdrew from him.
The Bible makes us understand that God does not sit with sin, he cannot cohabit with unclean spirits.
But the Lord is also love and merciful, he is always ready to welcome us if we come back to him with humility.
We are champions to say that we serve the Lord because we have a bible or because we go to church but know that we are in a season where the Lord is ready to restore us if we really return home, if we let him search our hearts and face us in the mirror so that we realize that our love for him has cooled and that it is our glory that we seek first.
Let us return to the Lord, let us seek him again, let him create in us a pure heart and that he renews, also disposes our spirit.
Zacharie and Elisabeth are a couple without children and when God wanted to bless them with John the Baptist, they doubted the fact of their old age.
Zechariah, 9:12 – Return to the stronghold, captives full of hope! Even today I declare it, I will give you double.
Run back to the Lord for he is prompt to bless more than we think.
Sin reduces us to a state of slavery, we are prisoners, in a place where there is no water, no comfort but the blood and love of Jesus has freed us from this bondage.
The fortress here is the rock from which we must hide and be safe from the pressures of the world.
Don’t worry, when our situation looks bleak, let’s return to the throne of grace and trust in the Lord.
Certainly, the restoration will be our legacy.
Hello beloved
Have a good day

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