My Month Of Illumination! Dan2:22

Beloved, we may have confessed Christ and not know Him.
It is possible to come to church, to be a leader, to read your bible, but to be a good religious.
We can be in an environment of worship, in the presence of the Holy Spirit and not give access to the spirit of God to make our lives tasty.
We are all in church but many of us do not know how to identify the voice of the Lord, all the voices within us confuse us completely.
The Bible tells us that Samuel did not know that it was God speaking to him and we are no different from him today.
We are not able to distinguish, spot and recognize that it is God who calls us.
Eli, Samuel’s spiritual father may have sinned against the Lord, he did not know how to be rigorous with his sons but he is competent, he is sensitive in the sacred and it is he who will make his son Samuel responsible.
The Lord will break the silence and call young Samuel to his service.
Samuel had never dealt with God directly, he did not know any other voice apart from that of Eli, his master.
It is therefore normal for the Lord to make his entrance with a call since the young prophet has every confidence in Eli who explains to him that the Lord wants to establish a direct relationship with him.
Our role is to awaken our attention, to learn to be attentive to the call of God.
It is by having an intimacy with the Lord that we discover our paths, our vocations, the way of serving God.
We cannot know God without being his servants.
Eli was no longer in accord with the mind of God, the Lord was looking for another prophet with a pure, innocent heart, a useful vessel in his hands.
1 Samuel, 3: 7 – Samuel did not yet know Jehovah, and the word of Jehovah was not yet revealed to him.
Seek to know the Lord more.
Let us pray to know God better,
Let us pray that the Lord will reveal himself to us,
Let us pray to depend on God and hear his genuine voice.
Lord, grant us to draw near to you and to serve you.
In the name of Jesus
Hello family
Good day

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