My Month of Evangelism! Mk16:15

We all have a mission: to spread the good news of the gospel to all humans. It’s not just a story of pastors but of all Christians. We are all concerned and the Lord does not let us accomplish this task alone, he guarantees us his presence and assistance by the Holy Spirit. For God to unfold in us, we must equip ourselves with his power to be effective, dynamic, zealous in sharing the gospel. This is true of many who are reserved, lack confidence, are shy or simply want to let the Lord’s power transform them as they go and that’s how they will proclaim the gospel with confidence. It is our role, we must be witnesses and not advocates of God. We are not here to do the gospel of morality, virulence, aggression or intolerance. God does not need defense, he is God, he can do anything. We must learn to communicate the message with tact. Everyone must be listened to the message of salvation without distinction. The Bible says in Acts 6: 8 – Stephen, full of grace and power, did wonders and great miracles among the people. Pray for the power of God to be seen as you evangelize. Stephen is filled with the strength of God, he works miracles in the people, everyone is defeated by his wisdom and the spirit of his words. We must understand that even though God uses human beings to speak of Jesus to a person, the gospel is a spiritual affair, it is not our strength. If God does not intervene, there will be nothing, we do not need to be powerful or prophets for on the Lord uses us to lead people to him, we do not have the authority to convert people we just need to let ourselves be led by the Holy Spirit so that His power is manifested. Hello here Have a good day.

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